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  • Co-Parenting Counseling

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    Could you use some help co-parenting with your ex-partner?

    Co-parenting counseling is a type of counseling for parents in the process of a divorce, already divorced, or no longer living together that need support in making decisions for their children’s best interests.

    Communicating about, negotiating over and caring for the children are areas filled with potential conflict. It is easy for parents to make the assumption that, when things aren’t going well with their children, it is the other parent’s fault.

    This can be especially difficult in high conflict divorces and too often parents resort to relying on the Minnesota family court system to resolve the disagreement. This can cost time, money and resources and takes away from what the children need most, their parents.

    When parents can recognize that modeling effective conflict resolution with their ex-partner can help their children thrive after a parental separation or divorce, the entire family system wins. One of the best ways parents can do this is to look at their co-parenting relationship as a business partnership.

    I can help you and your co-parent work together to learn strategies to be more effective co-parents and channel your energy into being more loving and present parents for your children.