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  • DNA Discoveries (Misattributed Parentage)

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    Did DNA test results take you by surprise?

    Commercial DNA tests are more popular than ever. Companies like and offer at-home DNA tests that are popular gifts for holidays and birthdays, and they can seem like fun, harmless gifts. Until they aren’t. More and more people are discovering that the people they thought were their parents, are not. Discovering that you are not the child of the man (or woman) that you thought can be a life-altering experience. Feelings of confusion about your identity and grief are common, not to mention the complexities that come with how to respond to this new information. I can help you deal with the unique challenges that come with discovery of a non-parental event (NPE) or misattributed parentage (MPE) and gain the necessary skills to cope with them and make sense of the confusion you might be feeling.