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  • Telehealth

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    Does the inconvenience of going to an appointment keep you from giving therapy a try?

    Are you looking for a good therapist, but cannot find anyone close to home? Does the idea of therapy keep popping up, but cramming another appointment into your already busy life feels like too much? I get it, and I have good news.

    Telehealth or virtual therapy is just as effective as in person therapy – without worries about driving in Minnesota winter. Telehealth allows you to get the benefits of therapy in the comfort of your own home, in your car between meetings or in your office on your lunch break, and you don’t have to take the afternoon off.

    Telehealth uses a live video conferencing platform that is like Facetime or Zoom. You can do it anywhere you have a computer or smartphone, and a private place to talk. You can either use the Simple Practice app on your phone to log in or if you’re using a computer, you get a link sent to you to log in to your therapy session.

    Telehealth appointments can be beneficial if getting to a traditional in-person appointment is not convenient, or you simply just don’t want to, and it lets me meet your pet!

    If you are ready to see how therapy can help you get unstuck in your life or your relationship, I look forward to hearing from you!