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    Sliding Doors Counseling

    Therapy for individuals, couples, co-parenting, 

    DNA discoveries, groups, telehealth and more  

    Questions To Ask

    •Does pain from your past or worries about your future make it difficult for you to enjoy the present?
    •Are you struggling to decide if you should stay in your current relationship, but the thought of leaving terrifies you?
    •Is your anxiety about dealing with divorce and family court impacting your daily life?
    •Are you remarried and realizing that blending your families isn’t as easy as it looks on television?
    •Are you and your ex-partner trying to figure out how to co-parent yet need some extra help?
    •Is someone in your life a high conflict person, maybe even a narcissist, and you need some support dealing with them.?
    •Did you take a DNA test and had a surprising result that has turned your world upside down?

    Now Accepting New Clients

    Is this your first time seeking therapy? Are you wondering if counseling is right for you? Many times, in life we get confused about which direction we should go, and which door we should walk through. We talk to our family, friends, and coworkers but they just tell us what we should do something we have already tried, or give us advice that doesn’t fit the situation we are in.

    Therapy is different. 

    It’s a space where you can freely talk out issues and see them from a new angle. We will help you uncover your own solution that is right for you; a solution that produces upward “sliding door moments”, those moments that can make (or break) the most important relationships in our lives. Contact me today to learn more.

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.