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  • Individual Counseling

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    Am I the right therapist for you?

    I see clients who are:

    • Struggling with the state of their marriages/relationships.
    • Wanting to get through the family court process with better coping skills.
    • Living with a narcissist and can’t take it anymore.
    • Moving through and beyond separation and divorce.
    • Grieving the death of someone they love — including their pets.
    • Dealing with a recent medical diagnosis for themselves or their children.
    • Worrying about their children and/or their parenting skills.
    • Suffering from anxiety and/or depression.
    • Wanting to make big changes in their lives but don’t know where to begin.
    • Ready to take chances in midlife and reinvent themselves.
    • Wanting to learn how to best support their children coming out or transitioning.
    • Reeling from DNA test results.

    Finding the right fit is so important when working with a therapist. Therapy can be hard work; therapists will often challenge you, disagree with you, encourage you to accept things that are challenging, and support you in changing things that do not serve you. Therefore, it is ideal for you to work with someone you trust and respect.

    My clients describe me as relatable, validating, compassionate, and direct. I am active and engaged in sessions, and use humor where appropriate. I believe in building strong relationships with my clients, while also being transparent about treatment goals and expectations.

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